I enjoy exploring big questions

What is the future of advocacy for catalysing change on systemic issues? What is the role, if any, of white men in dismantling systems of oppression Where is facilitation and coaching most needed for systemic change? How can freelancers be leaders? How can we build a 'larger us' and work across divides without being co-opted into the status quo?

Who am I?

I'm Jamie, a London-based facilitator, coach, convenor, consultant and drummer. I’m a gatherer and connector of ideas and learn best when I’m sharing these with other people.

2021 was a year of transition for me - leaving some teams, going freelance and getting married - and at times of change, learning becomes even more important.

Expect a mix of content

I started this newsletter in early 2022 to help me connect the dots between issues and ideas I care about. The topics I'm most interested in right now include: anti-oppressive practice; coaching and facilitation; convening and community building; courage and conflict; futures; governance; horizontal leadership; narratives; new economics and systems change.

Let's see what emerges.

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Exploring big questions about the deep change the world needs. Probably lots about facilitation, systems change, leadership, masculinity, whiteness and community building.